Alan Noun

Software Engineer & Web Designer

I’m currently working as a Full-stack engineer at Cognizant building responsive mobile-first web applications using React, NodeJS, & AWS.

01. About me

I began my journey as a software developer when I switched my major from theatre to computer science as a young college student. Since then, I've worked as an intern for the Data Science Department at Lawrence Livermore National Labs , graduated from CSU East Bay, with a B.S in computer science, and currently work as a software engineer building high fidelity web applications at Cognizant.

I have a variety of skills ranging from web design, REST API development, SQL schema design, and experience utilizing AWS services to build robust cloud infrastructure components and take advantage of the latest developments in AI.

02. Where I've Worked

Led the design and development of a comprehensive e-commerce website with personalized recommendations, real-time data analytics, and Lytics integration for the customer data platform (CDP). Framework and services used include ReactJS, AWS Personalize, AWS Load Balancers, DynamoDB, AWS Fargate, and CodePipeline for CI/CD.

Spearheaded the Contact Center Agency initiative by developing a secure, unified interface for contact center agents leveraging the latest AI tools. Features I’ve worked on include live voice-to-text transcriptions over calls, sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, ticket creation, AI-powered suggested responses, and an agent dashboard. Technologies used: React, NodeJS, Twilio, and various AWS services.

Integrated Amazon Lex to create conversational interfaces. Enhanced customer experience with responsive avatars from Soul Machines.

Collaborated with other developers and internal sales teams to design a high fidelity cosmetic application using React, MediapipeJS, and ThreeJS.

Designed and developed a front-end micro-service responsible for querying and aggregating all the data from multiple REST APIs.

Developed an e-commerce app using Spring Boot, MongoDB, and ReactJS. Established a CI/CD pipeline with AWS CodePipeline and deployed to AWS Lambda.

03. What I Provide

Beautiful Websites

Designing and developing fully functional web applications to adhere to your requirements.

Tools I've Used



Material UI

Designing and Developing REST APIs

Designing database schemas and scalable API endpoints for complex web applications

Tools I've Used




Robust Cloud Infrastructure Design

Extensive experience using AWS to build robust and secure cloud infrastructure components

Tools I've Used

AWS Amplify

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Lexbot

AWS Cloudformation

04. What’s Next?

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Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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